SACCNet – Arizona Critical Middle Mile

Given the expansive, often difficult rural terrain across the state of Arizona, community-serving organizations like libraries and public schools often have difficulty accessing high-speed broadband services essential for education, commerce, and economic development. Leading a public-private partnership that brings together the the strategic planning support of the Arizona Government Information Technology Agency (GITA) with the State Library, the Department of Administration, and Internet service provider Telink, GovNET proposes a statewide microwave broadband network to support community anchor institutions and last-mile broadband service providers. The network will offer speeds of between 100-300 Mbpsto key anchor institutions such as Gila Community College, Copper Queen Community Hospital, Gila Bend and Mayer High Schools and Woodruff Community Library, a significant upgrade from the T1 service many key institutions currently have. Network interconnection is also being planned and facilitated by GITA and other state leaders with BTOP Round One infrastructure awardee The Navajo Nation and other tribal networks. The resulting statewide broadband network should significantly improve public safety, healthcare delivery, and other critical government services for the people of Arizona.

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