Dakota Carrier Network, LLC

DCN's CCI Broadband Project

Dakota Carrier Network's CCI Broadband project proposes to provide high-speed fiber connectivity to more than 175 largely rural and underserved North Dakota critical community anchor institutions, including public safety entities, schools, and government agencies. The project involves a unique combination of public and private partnerships and collaboration with multiple Round One Recovery Act broadband awardees to provide last mile service. Given the largely rural, underserved nature of the proposed service area, in which many community anchor organizations lack access to necessary last-mile broadband speeds, DCN intends to deploy 169 miles of new fiber with backhaul speeds as fast as 1 Gbps to enable last-mile service across the state. The project also proposes to enhance e-health in the state by deploying a dedicated 10 Gbps healthcare network for over 200 hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers to enable telemedicine, teleradiology, telepharmacy, and electronic health information exchange.

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