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WinstonNet Enhanced Community Computer Centers for Forsyth County

Public computer centers in Forsyth County, North Carolina, are struggling to meet increased demand and enable
residents to access current online applications with outdated equipment. WinstonNet’s Enhanced Community
Computer Centers project proposes to upgrade computers and provide new equipment for 38 public computer
centers with the greatest need.
The project plans to offer health information, community outreach services, and training to youth, unemployed
minority populations, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and Native Americans. The computer centers plan
to engage the area’s Spanish-speaking population by providing instruction in Spanish, including computer
training and advanced English as a Second Language learning programs.

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BTOP In Action
A group of students use computers to learn digital literacy skills

By October 2011, WinstonNet opened two new computer centers and upgraded 32 other centers at various community and educational institutions throughout Forsyth County, N.C. These centers were created as part of a countywide initiative to provide new computer resources and educational opportunities.

BTOP funds have allowed WinstonNet to deploy more than 296 new workstations, serving more than 12,665 users per week. Along with these computers, WinstonNet also provides classes on a range of subjects including computer basics, keyboarding skills, email and social media techniques, Microsoft® Office, web design, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Additionally, some of the computer labs are providing career development assistance. For example, the Forsyth Technical Community College centers provide classes devoted to resume creation, job searches, and interview skills.

WinstonNet’s goal is to offer affordable broadband and digital literacy training to the entire community. The project offers training classes in English and Spanish, as well as provides special software and customized furniture to help residents with physical disabilities use the new computer resources. These extra steps are helping Forsyth County train residents who will possess the digital skills needed for today’s economy.

Last Updated: December 7, 2011

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