Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc.

Designee for the State of Vermont

Project Components

State Broadband Capacity Building:

The Vermont Center for Geographic Information will create a new position, the Director of Broadband Coordination and Outreach, within the Vermont Telecommunications Authority. This position will be charged with leading the broadband vision within the state of Vermont, and implementing the Vermont Telecommunications Plan (VTP).

Local and Regional Planning Teams:

This grant will create technology teams that will work with Vermont’s Regional Planning Commissions to implement Regional Broadband Technology Plans and serve as a feedback tool to align the VTP with community feedback. This will directly increase Vermont’s broadband capacity as it relates to economic development.

Data Collection, Integration, and Validation:

This project was originally funded for two years of data collection. In September of 2010, this project was amended to extend data collection activities for an additional three years and to identify and implement best practices.

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