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The Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance is proposing a joint Sustainable Broadband Adoption/Public Computer Centers project. The Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance Sustainable Broadband Adoption project, in combination with its associated Public Computer Centers project, plans to train an estimated 12,000 people over three years with an expected broadband adoption rate of 1,500 new broadband users, including 300 small businesses. The project proposes to provide training from basic computer skills to advanced multi-media production, e-commerce, and Internet for small businesses, as well as conduct community-based outreach campaigns to highlight the benefits of broadband for vulnerable populations of Spokane.

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BTOP recipient Tincan celebrated the opening of its new media lab and film production facility on June 8, 2010, in Spokane, Wash. Over 200 people attended the opening ceremony and open house, including mayors from nearby towns and representatives from the offices of U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and others. Many local businesses and vendors also participated. The new space will house the Tincan offices, a 32-computer media lab for training and workshops, and a full professional video production studio. As of October 2010, Tincan had distributed computers and software to Peaceful Valley Community Center, Northeast Community Center, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Outreach Center for public access use. These locations and others will provide access to the Internet for people who do not otherwise have access, and new spaces where Tincan can provide training in Internet skills.

Last Updated: October 18, 2011

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