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With more than a dozen years of experience providing social services via technology to low-income and non-English-speaking residents, Technology for All proposes a significant enhancement of its public computer centers across Texas. The project plans to provide computer access, technical support, digital literacy, workforce development, and other services to low-income and vulnerable populations via more than 60 centers across southwest Texas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Duval County, and small rural communities in the Texas Brazos Valley. Centers will be located in both urban and rural areas of Texas at libraries, workforce development centers, public housing facilities, and other community locations. The applicant hopes to use this project to lay the groundwork for a future statewide broadband access program.

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A student learns computer basics on a new workstation

In 2011, Technology for All’s (TFA) Texas Connects Coalition project created or refurbished 71 public computer centers. These centers are a part of a statewide campaign to help those without access to computers and the Internet acquire the digital literacy skills needed to participate in today’s modern workforce.

Using BTOP funds, TFA has been able to make available approximately 350 computers to underserved community members, providing free Internet access to an average of 13,600 users per week. Along with free computer access, the centers provide a variety of resources to help local residents develop technology skills that will make them more competitive in the job market. The centers offer workforce development assistance for resume creation, job searches, and interview preparation. The centers also provide classes covering topics such as computer basics, Internet fundamentals, word processing, and business software, such as Microsoft® Office.

TFA’s job training efforts are already making a huge impact on Texas residents. More than 46,000 students have participated in TFA’s classes. According to TFA, in many communities, residents are using their newly developed computer skills to find and retain jobs. For example, a single parent who was on a fixed income and could not to purchase a computer or broadband service for her home was able to use a TFA center in Houston, Texas, to connect to the Internet. At the center, she developed computer skills, and learned how to update her resume and search online for employment opportunities.

Last updated: April 17, 2012

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