Oklahoma Office of State Finance

Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN)

The Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN), led by the Oklahoma Office of State Finance, is a
collaborative effort to extend and complete an existing state network, OneNet, to bring affordable broadband
service to community anchor institutions in rural and underserved communities across the state. The 59
counties in the project’s proposed service area have been unable to attract sufficient investment in high-speed
Internet infrastructure at affordable rates. This region encompasses some of the most economically distressed,
underserved areas in the northwestern and southeastern portions of the state. OCAN plans to construct 1,000
miles of new fiber to almost double the existing fiber in the OneNet network, and provide direct connections to
vital community organizations like Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Western Oklahoma State College,
Lawton Indian Hospital’s Indian Health Services Unit, and the state’s Council on Law Enforcement Education
and Training location. Improved broadband services for these organizations will greatly enhance education,
public safety, and healthcare opportunities in the region.

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