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Coppin Heights-Rosemont Family Computer Center: Creating Jobs and Improving Education and Health

The Coppin Heights-Rosemont Family Computer Center project plans to provide broadband access and computer education to the Coppin Heights-Rosemont community, a low-income neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland with a high minority population. Consistent with the community’s exisiting revitalization plan, Coppin State University will establish a 60-workstation computer center for use by the local community, and anticipates offering 15 training and educational courses on a regular basis, serving more than 500 users per week and more than 12,000 unique users within two years. Courses will be designed to attract the participation of entire families to improve their education, health, and quality of life. The project will encourage interaction between Coppin State students and faculty and the community by bringing students and faculty into the center to teach and assist users in computer skills. Over the course of the grant, university students and faculty are expected to provide more than 7,500 hours of volunteer service.

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BTOP In Action

The September 16, 2010, grand opening of the Coppin Heights-Rosemont Family Computer Center provided numerous examples of how communities benefit from BTOP projects. The center’s executive director, Dr. York Bradshaw, and University President Dr. Reginald S. Avery hosted the event but local residents were the stars. A ninth-grade Coppin Academy student and a semi-retired resident spoke during the formal program, praising the learning programs at the center including the “Employment and the Internet” training program. The Center will serve a low-income West Baltimore community with a high minority population and will offer 15 training and educational courses. The Center was slated to provide a summer technology camp for elementary and middle school students in summer 2010, and begin to offer other courses at all age levels. To see local news coverage, please visit here.

Last Updated: November 22, 2010

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