Central Iowa Hospital Corporation, d/b/a Iowa Health-Des Moines

Rural Iowa TeleHealth Initiative

The Central Iowa Hospital Corporation proposes to bring broadband capabilities to medical facilities across rural and underserved parts of Iowa. In a state with hundreds of thousands of underinsured residents residing in medically underserved locations, this project aims to improve health care and delivery, provide education and training for rural health practitioners, facilitate tele-health, support disaster readiness, and promote health education and awareness for residents. The awardee plans to partner with over 100 community serving institutions including 56 healthcare clinics and providers and 21 EMS units, seven city governments, and over 30 educational institutions by deploying equipment, broadband connectivity, training, and support to these critical community facilities. The project also plans to link correctional facilities with tele-health providers to create savings to taxpayers by significantly mitigating costs associated with transporting inmates.

The effort also expects to stimulate job creation within the rural health sector while improving health outcomes in medically underserved communities and delivering training and education to the rural healthcare workforce.

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BTOP In Action
A doctor observes a nurse examining a patient via a broadband connection.

The Central Iowa Hospital Corporation, d/b/a Iowa Health-Des Moines (IH-DM), established the Rural Iowa Telehealth Initiative to deliver affordable healthcare to Iowans living in rural and medically underserved areas. The initiative also offered training and educational opportunities for the rural healthcare workforce. IH-DM provided an introduction to telemedicine presentation for shift leaders and staff members working in IH-DM Emergency Department facilities and women’s services. IH-DM also placed telemedicine equipment in physician offices, including specialties such as cardiology, neurology, and podiatry.

Clarke County Hospital, a rural partner, had 10 specialty clinics this quarter that improved care access to the inpatient population. The placement and adoption of telehealth equipment also has enabled family members of inpatients to participate in medical visits and meetings. Additionally, IH-DM deploys equipment, broadband connectivity, and support to community serving institutions, including the Southwestern Community College (SWCC). SWCC has made educational opportunities more accessible by offering distance learning classes, saving students a 60-mile commute. As of June 2013, IH-DM has recorded more than 80 new business and community anchor institution subscribers, including medical centers, EMS units, and provider clinics.

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