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The Arizona Public Computer Centers project plans to enhance existing facilities in more than 80 public libraries throughout Arizona. The project expects to deploy more than 1,000 computers across the state to meet the growing demand for public computers and broadband access. The project intends for users to access valuable e-resources and enable libraries to provide training in 21st century skills. The Arizona State Library plans to partner with a variety of government, not-for-profit, and tribal organizations. The Arizona State Library expects 84 public computer centers to serve more than 75,000 users per week or more than 450,000 residents throughout the term of the grant.

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Library patrons in Douglas, Ariz. use the new computers purchased under AzPAC

According to a 2011 American Library Association survey, 64.5 percent of libraries report that they are the only provider of free public Internet in their communities. The Arizona Public Access Computers (AzPAC) project, run by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records division, targeted this need by deploying new computers in libraries across the state. These computers increased access to e-resources and enabled the libraries to provide training in digital literacy and technology skills.

Upon completion, the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records division had deployed more than 1,100 computers at more than 95 public library computer centers across the state. In conjunction with government, non-profit, and tribal organizations, AzPAC deployed the new computers to libraries serving 450,000 underserved citizens, many of whom did not have access to the Internet at home or work. In certain areas of Arizona, such as Yuma County, large populations of seniors relied on public libraries for access to computers and the Internet. In addition, three tribal libraries participated in the program.

Local members of the community used these computers for a variety of tasks, including completing online courses, filling out healthcare benefits, building resumes, and searching for jobs. AzPAC also provided resume building and job search training to stimulate employment and economic growth throughout the state. The project supported approximately 75,000 computer users per week.

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